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20 May

Apologies- our wi-fi is not working this morning due to a BT problem. This means that our clinical system is not working. Therefore, w can only cope with genuine emergency care this morning until the problem is sorted. This problem is not only affecting our surgery. Please bear with us and only contact us if you have a genuine emergency.

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See how the COVID clinic will work at Chesham Town Hall video

1 December

Flu for 50-65 year olds: 

We have managed to obtain a supply of vaccines and we are now booking for Saturday morning 12th December.

20 November

Flu for 50-65 year olds: We heard on the news this morning that this is being offered from 1 December. We have placed an urgent order for additional vaccine. Until we know when the delivery is likely to be we cannot organise clinics. Please rest assured that everyone in the age group will receive an invitation once we know more.


COVID vaccine - what we know so far

We are open during lockdown. However, please do not come to the surgery unless you have an appointment or you are visiting the pharmacy. Thank you

If you have any non medical queries, where possible, please email us at - for example, prescription requests, referral queries, private letters etc

Please note that we only accept telephone prescription requests from our patients over the age of 75 or those who are housebound (not due to lockdown)

26 October

We are now booking flu appointments for at risk (those who are clinically at risk because of a pre-existing health condition) patients for Saturday 31st October


Patients aged 50 to 65 who are not considered to be clinically at risk will not be offered a vaccination until December when the government says that more vaccine will be available

Texts will be sent to patients who are eligible for a flu vaccination- if you receive one, please call 782241 to make an appointment as soon as possible as we are expecting high demand - if this is not you, please do not call as you will not be offered an appointment 

Live Life Well – Free online education sessions for patients

Statistics show almost 40% of the population have a Long-Term Condition (LTC). To help support those with or at risk of developing a LTC a series of interactive online sessions which cover healthy lifestyle information to ensure individuals understand current advice, guidelines and recommendations has been developed.  Each session will provide useful tips and advice in a non-clinical setting about how to keep well by optimising your diet, physical activity, sleep, mental health and offers you an opportunity to set personal goals to make positive lifestyle changes. For more information about these sessions for the upcoming November dates click here poster . To enrol, you need to phone the enrolment team on the number at the bottom of the poster.

14 October

All of our flu appointments have gone for now - we have no more vaccine except for those who have already booked or those who are clinically at risk because of a pre-existing health condition

We are now booking flu appointments for at risk patients for Saturday 31st October


Patients aged 50 to 65 who are not considered to be clinically at risk will not be offered a vaccination until December when the government says that more vaccine will be available

Texts and letters will be sent to patients who are eligible for a flu vaccination- if you receive one, please call 782241 to make an appointment as soon as possible as we are expecting high demand - if this is not you, please do not call as you will not be offered an appointment 

29 September

Our next delivery of flu vaccine is not until 23rd October.

We are now booking flu appointments for Saturday 24th October


Patients aged 50 to 65 who are not considered to be clinically at risk will not be offered a vaccination until November when the government says that more vaccine will be available

18 September

The following groups of patients have all been invited for their flu vaccination

  • Shielded patients (500+)
  • Age over 65 at clinical risk (400+)
  • Children age 2-3  (230)
  • Under 65 at clinical risk (600+)  2/3rd have been sent the remainder will be going out early next week

We are sending out about a hundred a day and this is obviously causing problems getting through on the phone

The next groups are

  • Children aged 12-17 at risk (approx 50)
  • Age 65 not at clinical risk (approx 800)

4 September

Please note that, if you are aged between 50 and 64 and not in a clinical at risk group, the earliest you will be offered a flu vaccination is November, providing there is sufficient vaccine.  No appointments will be offered for people in this age group until then. This is to ensure that those who are most at risk are vaccinated first.  If you are aged 50 to 64 and are in a clinical ‘at risk’ group which is eligible for the flu vaccination, for example you have a health condition which puts you at risk from the flu, you will be invited earlier. 

3 September 2020

We will be running our flu clinics to ensure that we follow current COVID guidelines, so they will be a little different to how they have been run in previous years:

• All patients will be booked into an appointment slot.
• Please don’t bring extra people with you. If you do, they will have to wait outside safely distancing from others.
• We will hold clinics at all three of our sites, and will have a one-way system with patients entering by one door and exiting through another
• We have measured inside our building to ensure there is a clear 2m distancing queueing system for patients.
• We ask that patients arrive for their given appointment time, as we have limited queueing space within our buildings.
• Please be prepared to wait outside, and bring a coat or umbrella depending on the weather.
• There will be limited car parking available in order to leave a clear area in the car park for those waiting for family or additional queuing. Please walk or use public transport if you can, or park in local roads or streets.
• Patients will be met at the door of the building by one of our volunteers who will go through the COVID health checks with each patient, and direct you to the next free queuing spot. If you answer positive to any of the checks we will ask you to go home and arrange a COVID test, shielding whilst awaiting the results.
• One of our team will check you in.
• Patients will move forward using the queuing spots until they reach their turn with one of our clinical team for their vaccinations. Please use this time to remove your coat, and any additional outer garments so that your arm is available for vaccination. If you can wear a short sleeved top under your coat that will be really helpful.
• The person giving you your vaccine will be wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This will be an apron, a mask and a visor or goggles. They won’t be wearing gloves but will wash and sanitise their hands in between patients. This is based on current guidance for vaccination clinics. They will also have to wipe down any chair or surfaces that have been in contact with patients. If you are able to stand for your vaccine this will really help us, but a chair will be available.
• Once you have had your vaccination one of our volunteers will show you the exit. If you feel faint or unwell at all, please let them know.

28 August 2020

Free online support for 11-18 year olds @ Kooth

25 August 2020

Texts and letters are now being sent to patients who were shielding to invite them to come in to have a flu vaccination on Saturday 19th September - if this is you, please call 782241 to make an appointment as soon as possible as we are expecting high demand - if this is not you, please do not call as you will not be offered an appointment at this protected session - if you are eligible for a vaccination you will be sent a text or letter in the next couple of weeks as we add more clinics

20 August 2020

Click her for information about our flu plans Flu news

Clinics will be put on the system next week and invites will be sent to shielded patients. Please do not call before you are invited as you will not be offered an appointment and you will be blocking the phone lines

20 August 2020

First of all, a big thank you to the vast majority of our patients who have been patient and understanding throughout these past few months. Also, another thank you to those of you who answer your phone when a doctor calls - it makes a difference.

We are slowly, step by step, trying to return to a degree of normality (if there is such a thing) while attempting to make this a safe place for you and our staff. We are inviting more patients in to see our nurses for tests and the doctors are starting to call in more patients for face to face consultation after they have been assessed by telephone or video. We have also opened up the front door so that if you have an appointment you can come in and wait rather than have to wait outside. Finally we have opened up the door to allow access to the pharmacy.

However, for the time being we ask that for everything else you should telephone or email us at . Unfortunately, despite notices on the front door restricting access, we have some patients coming in without an appointment and this is overloading the number of people safely allowed in the building at any one time - you know who you are - please be respectful of our policy and the needs of others. We would hate to have to be forced into a further lockdown because of a few individuals.

19 August 2020

Important messages

18 August 2020

Flu clinics

Information about this years flu campaign will be posted here in 2 days

14 August 2020


The good news is that we have opened up to allow pharmacy customers to wait inside, rather than in the hot sun (?) or rain. However, this is subject to social distancing and a maximum of 4 pharmacy customers are allowed in at anytime - there are markings on the floor to help.


We are currently working out our plans for conducting this years flu campaign, which like everything else, is made more difficult with the current situation. Please keep an eye out here for further information and updates next week. We will be messaging everyone who is eligible in due course. 

Patients with long term conditions

We are contacting patients with more urgent symptoms of diabetes, asthma, COPD and hypertension (high blood pressure), who are most at risk, to come in for testing. If you receive an invite by text or letter, please don't ignore it. It is important that you are tested and monitored, especially with the autumn and winter looming

22 July 2020

Face Mask Exemption

We would firstly like to thank all patients who have visited the Practice over the last few weeks wearing a face covering.

We know that this can feel strange and uncomfortable, make glasses fog up and make communicating with others harder but by doing this you are protecting the most vulnerable members of our community, so thank you, it really is appreciated.

We have had an increase in requests from patients for letters of exemption to wearing face masks in various public settings over the last few days.

GPs are unfortunately not in a position to provide individual risk assessments or letters for patients who feel that they should be exempt from wearing a face mask/covering. The government guidance on exemptions suggests there is no requirement for evidence for exemption therefore it is sufficient for an individual to self-declare this.

Whilst we would urge you to wear a face covering if you possibly can to protect those around you we do know that for some people this raises particular extreme challenges.

There is no exemption certificate and we as a Practice are unable to provide letters of support for those who fall under the list of exemptions, or to those who do not fall under the list of exemptions however the attached card can be printed and used to help explain why you aren’t wearing a face covering if you are unable to do so. B19-Mask-Exemption-Cards

1 July 2020

Dear Patient

COVID Update

I just wanted to let you know what was happening here at Water Meadow Surgery

  • We still remain closed to walk-in patients
  • You can only access the surgery by appointment
  • All GP consultations are currently telephone or video
  • If the doctor decides that they need to see you they will make an appointment for you to come down

We are also providing some nurse appointments for the following treatments

  • Wound dressings
  • Childhood vaccinations
  • Cervical smears
  • Some clinical injections (not travel)
  • Diabetic tests for those most at risk
  • Blood pressure checks for those most at risk

In addition to this we are also using software that allows us to collect important information from you via text and email for a number of important medical reviews. This means that we can monitor your health and take action if we need to help.  We know that not everyone likes texts or online questionnaires, but it really does help make a difference at this time and avoids unnecessary visits to the surgery.

We are currently approaching the following groups of patients;

  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Cancer
  • Diabetics
  • High blood pressure
    • do you have a BP meter at home? Could you send us some readings? if so send them to or complete the questionnaire we sent to you via text

It seems like this is going to continue for the foreseeable future and general practice is never going to be the same again. On the whole, this has been very successful and the majority of patients seem happy that they can speak with a doctor on the telephone or via a video link without the need to traipse down here, try to find a parking space and then sit in a crowded waiting room

This has also allowed more flexibility in the appointment system. Although appointments are scheduled at set times, the flexibility of the system allows for the doctors to often call in advance of the slot thereby reducing waiting time.

If you are called to come into the surgery, you will be asked to wait outside and to call us when you arrive on 782242. The receptionist will then let the nurse or doctor know you are here. The clinician will come and meet you and take your temperature before entering the building. Please remember to wear a suitable face covering.

28 April 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a decrease in people accessing NHS services, including primary care, for a range of conditions that are not related to coronavirus.

This appears to be impacting: adults and children attending at A&E departments for urgent and emergency medical issues, including serious conditions such as stroke and heart attacks; cancer patients attending their ongoing treatments; and expectant mothers attending for regular scans. please click here for important messages

Latest 06.04.20: - new items in red

Parents of young child should click on the following link for advice Parent Guide

We have therefore decided to restrict access to the surgery. This will help reduce the footfall in the building and help with social distancing to reduce the threat of cross-infection

  •  From now on our reception will be closed to visitors
  • All initial appointments with a doctor will be telephone consultations.
  • The doctors will try their best to diagnose and treat your symptoms remotely, but if they feel that you need to be seen, they will make an appointment for you to come to the surgery
  • Patients who are given an appointment should be aware that they may have to wait outside until they are called in by the doctor or nurse
  • If you have an appointment,bring your mobile and call 782242 when you arrive and someone will collect you from your car
  • If you have an appointment with a nurse please attend whatever your age unless you have symptoms.
  • If you have a query you should email us at or write to us or phone us
  • If you are on repeat medications and you have a computer (and you have not already done so) you can register for online access to order these without the need to phone or call-in – call reception for details - you can also book some appointments online
  • All routine appointments with the nurses for the following conditions are temporarily postponed;
    • Travel advice - go to
    • Ear syringing - go to Chess Pharmacy
    • Routine asthma annual checks
    • Routine diabetic annual checks
    • Coil fits
    • Routine blood pressure checks
  • All prescription requests will now take 3 days to process as the pharmacies are having difficulty coping with the unusually high demand
  • The pharmacy has amended their opening hours to 8.30am to 12 noon and 2.00pm to 5.30pm
  • You can order up to 14 days in advance of your next prescription
  • Urgent prescriptions are only for the following items
    • An inhaler of the reliever type i.e. salbutamol, Ventolin or ipratropium
    • Heart drugs e.g. GTN spray
    • Medicines for palliative care patients
    • Epipens and Jext pens 
  • All other items are non-urgent and will not be processed the same day

We understand your concern at this time, but we ask you not phone or book appointments for minor illness or injury that can be self-treated.

For information about the Coronavirus go to 

10.01.19 :  We are sad to report that Dr Lotte Grant will be leaving us at the end of January. Dr Grant has been here for over 10 years and will be missed by us all.

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